14 July 2017

Martial Arts Oldies content being transitioned to new website.

Over the next several months, the content seen on this blog will be transitioned to my new website www.ajwatson.com.au

Most of the posts will be in either the coach or athlete sections. This has been done to bring all aspects of my writing and professions into the one location, making it easier for me to manage.

I have also launched a Patreon page at www.patreon.com/AJWatson.
If you have enjoyed my content please head there and show your support by becoming a patron.

I have two new books to release in the next few months. The first is Overweight to Fighting Weight. This details the system I developed from my time dropping 80kgs and becoming a national champion.

The second is a new fantasy series with a touch of western atmosphere. The entire series is called the Inquisitor Qyr Chronicles, book one being Arson's Canvas.

Keep an eye out for more content to follow on the above sites.

I'll keep this blog available though there will be no more posts here. All future posts will be on the official AJ Watson website or Patreon.

Have a great day.

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